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Summer: A Good Time for College Visits

Planning to travel this summer? Why not visit a college campus or two? Summer is a good time for families with high school students of all ages to visit college campuses.

While for high school juniors and seniors college visits are best conducted during the academic year when classes are in session and campuses are bubbling with activity, visiting college campuses during the summer months can still be beneficial. During the summer students and parents can get an overall impression of the immense variety that exists among colleges and begin to assess campus settings.

There are two types of campus visits

You can opt to keep it casual. In either case, be sure to stop by the admissions office and let them know that you are there: demonstrated interest plays a role in the admissions process at many schools.

Both types of visits require families to plan their travel. Students and parents should discuss the schools they wish to visit during the trip; evaluate the location and distances between schools; and plan a route that will facilitate visits to campuses in close proximity (college web sites provide maps and directions). If you desire a more formal visit, contact the college’s admissions office well in advance to make arrangements.


How do you make the most of a college fair?

Here's a great tip sheet from the Associated Colleges of the MidWest: http://www.acm.edu/uploads/cms/documents/acm-college-guide-college-fair.pdf

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