Sturgis West
March 2017

Important Dates

  • March 9: Sturgis United Dodgeball Tournament-team sign-ups will begin in late February
  • March 10: Sturgis United Dance - tickets will go on sale at the beginning of March!
  • March 21,22,23: MCAS for all 10th grade students
  • April 8: Sturgis Annual Auction.
  • 2017-18 School Calendar

    Next year's school calendar is available HERE

    Note from the Executive Director

    Sturgis recently hosted a group of 6 educators from Wareham Public Schools who are researching the IB as Wareham High School seeks to become IB authorized. In the coming weeks, many more Wareham educators will be visiting East and West to observe classes, meet with Sturgis teachers, and learn about our IB for All approaches.


    Classroom News

    Ms. Singer's Math Classes

    Math Studies II students are doing a fabulous job learning calculus. They are understanding derivatives as the instantaneous gradients (slopes) of curves at points and can determine the equation of tangents and normal (perpendicular) lines to curves. They have a strong foundation for understanding optimization problems which will come up next.

    Standard Level I students have been learning the unit circle which bridges the gap between triangle trigonometry and periodic trigonometry. The I.B. questions on trigonometry are very challenging and require a real understanding of all aspects of the topic, so these students are working very hard. A firm foundation in trigonometry is essential for many scientific and engineering careers.

    Ms. Solheim with Spanish SL1

    In class we have been talking a great deal about environmental issues. So my students decided to go on their own eco-touristic holidays. We discussed what ecotourism was and then they all chose a different Spanish speaking country that they were interested in visiting. They then picked an area where they would go for a 10 day eco-touristic vacation. They researched local hostels to stay in, how to move around by local bus, what interesting sites they could visit and activities they could engage in. They then presented their trip in a power point with lots of photos of what they were doing. After their trips, they then made a pamphlet from a travel agency advertising their trip. Not only did they learn a lot about their own trip but they also learned about many other interesting places to visit in Latin America and how to do it environmentally and economically.



    Monday, March 13th from 6:00-7:30 pm at the Sturgis West Atrium.

    This is an evening designed for you to gain more insight into the exciting opportunities and expectations facing your son or daughter and to help you understand the role you play in supporting your child as s/he travels the educational journey through the IB program. A brief presentation by IB Coordinators will be followed by a question and answer session with a panel of Sturgis Seniors. Sophomores will have a similar presentation in school during the same week as well as an IB Fair at lunch in their respective campuses.

    Happy Birthday Captain Sturgis!

    Last Saturday marked the 235th birthday of William Sturgis for whom our school is named. Sturgis was born February 25, 1782 in Barnstable Village.

    Sturgis art teachers Xanthipi Abel and Pete Richenburg worked with six students to create a timeline of the life of William Sturgis to help celebrate the Sturgis Library's 150th anniversary. The students who participated in the project are: Lily Bergeron, Caroline Dorfman, Thomas Harris, Alex White, Alex Scott and Jennifer Smith.


    Photo from left to right: Paul Marble, Sturgis Library Director Lucy Loomis and Sturgis alumni parent John Temple, a trustee for Sturgis Library, Pete Richenburg, Xantippi Abel

    Cape Cod Five Educational Mini-Grants

    The West ROVers Club is proud to announce that advisor Kristine May was awarded a Cape Cod Five Cents Mini-Grant at a reception last week at Cape Cod Community College. This grant will pay for the club's supplies for the current school year. The ROVers continue to work on their SeaPerch ROV on a weekly basis.


    Made By Survivors Club

    Made By Survivors Club just had a successful Valentine's Candygram fundraiser to raise money to buy jewelry made by women rescued from human traffickers. The club will continue the tradition of donating a beautiful item of jewelry made by the survivors to the SPAuction. We are nearing the goal of donating $1000 for one year support of a freed slave by MBS in addition to previous donations for education at rescue homes. The members of the club sent cards to a shelter home in India and are making a video to promote support for this cause at other I.B. schools.

    Notes from School Counselors

    College Planning Resources

    Check out the Sturgis Counseling site for some helpful links.

    John Newcombe and counselors met with seniors to discuss college financing, budgeting, college debt, and comparing financial aid packages. To try the "Reality Check" used in the presentation, go to:, then log in by town and zip code, then as HS student. Then, click on "Learn about Myself" to find Reality Check. The site provides much up-to-date career information and surveys, hosted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It's fun for the whole family!

    Students and parents should work together to complete financial aid applications (, CSS Profile, college specific forms) as soon as possible. Each college will have different deadlines and form requirements. Scholarship Opportunities continue to arrive and will be posted here: Scholarship Listings

    As a part of the Cape Cod Community College (CCCC) Pathways program, an admissions counselor visited with interested students this week to meet with this year's applicants. These students will be going on a field trip to visit the campus and take the placement test on March 13. If your child is participating, they should see their counselor for a permission slip.

    Junior Parents

    A Junior parent college admissions information event will be held on Tuesday, March 14 at 6:30 at Cape Cod Synagogue, 145 Winter Street in Hyannis. . Representatives from Suffolk University, Bridgewater State University, and Wheaton College will be present to answer any questions you may have.

    We recommend that juniors sit for SAT and ACT in May and/or June, not earlier. Please connect with your child's counselor if you have a question about your student's planning.

    Summer Opportunities

    Is your teen looking for new experiences this summer? The counseling staff has compiled a list of summer opportunities including volunteer jobs, educational programs, and internships for students to consider.

    In the Counseling Office

    Becoming a Tech-Savvy Parent

    Sturgis's Tech-Savvy Parenting seminar on February 9 was postponed due to poor weather; a new date will be announced shortly.

    Trending Topics

    New York Times: What I Wish I Knew About Student Loan Debt

    Big Future: You Got Accepted, Now What? and No Acceptance Letters? You Still Have Options

    A comfort for students (and parents) over the years has been: The Famous David Nyhan "College Rejection Letter" piece from the Boston Globe



    As part of our ongoing efforts to foster an exchange program with German high school students who visited Sturgis earlier this year, a trip is being organized to travel to Mannheim, Germany during Spring Break 2018 (April 13-22). Students will stay with a host family and attend German high school classes, as well as visit local attractions. This trip is currently being offered to this year's freshmen at East and West. The cost is $2,390, including airfare and other travel fees. Videos from the hour-long parent information meeting held at Sturgis in January are available online. For more information contact the trip leader, Mr. Jeff Hyer, who has taught history at Sturgis since 2004.


    We are also seeking parents volunteers to host the German students who will arrive in October 2017. For more information contact the trip leader, Mr. Jeff Hyer.

    A Roman Holiday - Sturgis style!


    Mary Albis provided a group shot of the Sturgis 2017 Italy & Greece Trip: The Ancient Mediterranean taken in front of the Roman Forum.

    Stage East and West

    Stage East and West will be taking their productions of We Might Be Heroes and A Wrinkle in Time to the Massachusetts Educational Theare Guild (METG) on March 4th! At METG, students will perform their plays at Bourne High School along with several other schools. Each production will be adjudicated by a panel of judges, and some will be asked to move on to Semifinals. This year, Sturgis East's junior Thea Goldman submitted and won the Festival Logo Contest! take a look at her submission, pictured here!


    Music Festival News

    Congratulations to Hannah Allen, Cecelia Kane, David Girardin, Kaden Rogers, Zachary Raye, Rose Blackwell, and Fiona Fahd-Waygen who participated in the All-Cape Music Festival February 2-4. It was great to see Sturgis students represented in all of the groups: band, orchestra & both choruses!

    David Girardin and Ian Morris were accepted to the Southeast District Music Festival this year. They rehearsed diligently on Friday, January 6th but sadly the concert was snowed out and rescheduled for January 29th at UMass Dartmouth where David Girardin performed. Though Ian Morris couldn't make the rescheduled concert, he did audition successfully for the All-State Music Festival and will be performing in Boston March 9-11.

    Way to go Sturgis musicians!